After long silence…


Christ “The Good Silence” – Spas Blagoe Molchanie Special thanks to original uploader Nesusvet at ru.wikipedia

Never liked the book, but the title is haunting and beautiful. The icon above is also known as “The Holy Silence”… Which is better than what I got.  🙂

And, I can relate.  It has been hard to focus on anything, let alone write something every day about something. I didn’t discuss my husband’s illness and death or what came after, because that’s a different blog. I haven’t written on that one since, either.  After pouring so much hope into it, I couldn’t bear to return.

I have no excuses.. nor even good explanations.

It’s been hard to think past survival mode.

I’ve moved, I’ve lost my husband of seven years, and best friend of fourteen years, but I am not alone. I have a dear friend who is more than a friend. It’s not something I can define in public yet, but  it suffices to say that casual intimacy is not my style.

It is still surreal to think of myself as a widow.

At any rate, I hope to have some varied, Margot flavored fun posted here in the future. This blog is not over yet.

Firstly, I have a project in the works that I’ll be posting about soon. I’m using this blog as a motivation for getting it done, so here’s hoping it works. I’ll give two hints.  One: it’s about books. 😉  Two: the initials RSH are involved, and it’s not a computer reference for once.

Second, Margot’s Whino Night is scheduled to return, (prayers, please!)  as well as the Sunday Shrine.  This will include pictures: even those taken by me.

I will continue to give varying reviews, and if any fiction should pass my fingertips, I’ll post that, too.

Stay tuned!

One last plea…if you happen to be on MeWe, or are looking for a reason to help FB pass into deserved isolation, I am Margot St Aubin on MeWe.  Post here to let me know you have joined.



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