Sunday Shrine Delayed: St Patricks Cathedral, Chapel of the BVM

This is my favorite part of St Patrick’s. But first, a lovely pic of the cathedral I found on Wikimedia.[below]
Here’s another. They did much better at photographing the building in place. [below]

Here’s an image that shows you roughly where the chapel is. It’s on the right, where the blue light is flooding in.  It was far more vivid in real life. [below]

Here’s a closeup of those gorgeous windows. I like the arabesque tracery dominated by that gorgeous cobalt blue.
Here’s the main event– the chapel we’ve all been waiting for. [below]
Here’s a closeup of the chapel altar. It’s magnificent, as appropriate.
Seriously, look at this floor. Here’s a reason to be humble and stare at the floor during mass.
This wasn’t inside the Marian Chapel but was near by. So I leave you with the Pieta in honor of the day before All Saint’s Day.

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