NEW! Declan Finn’s Latest Marco and Amanda Book is OUT!


Ok, this is so new… I need to dig out my old review of this.

But I’m offering you a smack and a promise for the full review.

But this one is even better than the first. Read it and enjoy!

Until my full expose, I’ll give you my quickie Amazon Review, and

a link to where you can get the goods.

‘“Unwarranted?” Amanda asked. “Marco’s territory—my territory—had been invaded, and constantly under siege. Marco attacked any large gathering of less than savory vampires that might be in contact with Mikhail and his people.”’

This is the second chapter of the rip roaring saga of Marco and Amanda. The action starts literally the same minute the first book ended, and takes off from there. We go into the consequences of the first book, as well as looking at a sinister new villain who’s otherworldly charms are quite deadly, even for vampires.

But even beyond that, he is called to parts unknown and foggy, where the sun barely shines, even during the day. San Francisco is a great place to hunt, and lick your wounds. Too bad both Marco and the enemy know this…

We delve more deeply into the politics of New York as well as the wider world. For those of you who want to see more Merle Kraft, you won’t be disappointed. We get a little luck of the Irish a long the way, too. 😉 Marco continues his trajectory by training a group of San Franciscans to defend themselves against the denizens of the night… and gets more attention than he bargains for, in more ways than one. It tantalizes the mind and twists the heart, all the way to the very end.

A worthy sequel, and the continuation of a fantastic series. Highly recommended!


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