About that Margot person

Photo by Tom Oates, 2009

A writer, a woman, married (to a man, whom I will call “Husband” until further notice), no kids  (for now),  two cats, and… fighting for great justice!

I’m interested in history, religion, certain internal combustion devices, certain electronic devices, social movements founded around philosophical software use, politics, food, wine, social mores, and that which is either nerdy or generally unpopular.

I should probably warn people that I’m pretty Catholic.  I go to church regularly  and believe all those ‘horrible things’ that the Church teaches.   But I don’t hate anybody, FYI.

[EDIT (2/16/14)]

I have a new algorithm for my posting schedule. I am not getting out one post a day. Better that this reflect reality.  My budding writing career is heating up, and I’m only human. Thus, I publish  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Also, I will have time to write longer, posts, because I’ll have some time to research again.

[/EDIT (2/16/14)]

[EDIT: (4/6/15)]

The tagline will always be a Chesterton quote.  It will change when I feel like it. Figure that it will be somewhere between once a month and never. I will have a page called “past quotes” just so people can see them. Said page will appear just as soon as I have a past quote to add to it.  Chesterton is ever quotable.


All times are CST (UT+6). I live frightfully near the Chicago area, in the Midwestern United States.


Yeah, there’s more. There’s always more. You’ll figure it out.

5 thoughts on “About that Margot person

  1. Ahh, I sensed you must have been Catholic after reading and replying to your post on art and relativism! After being bombarded by so much liberal propaganda here in Australia by our media (which is 90% owned or related to left wing institutions, no exaggeration) it is good to come across some intelligent debate in the vein of good sense and love. My prayer is for you in America, with so much of your religious freedom being squashed by the day, the Catholic family here in Australia watches eagerly to see what happens in your country as it will surely follow here.

    1. *happy dance!* Greetings to Australia! I’m afraid I get considerably less news about Australia then I’d like. (A friend’s husband emigrated to marry her @ ten years ago) I do listen to Patrick Gray whenever I can– so I at least know what’s “technically” going on in OZ. 😉

      Fortunately for me, I live in an area where there are still many Catholics, so it’s less contentious than one might expect. Chicago has a high concentration (relatively speaking for the US) of Catholics who are still, well, Catholic. As crooked as Chicago politics can be, they don’t want to upset those who might take their moneys elsewhere. There have been many protests here (over the healthcare debacle) that I’m sure you’ve never heard of, because the media won’t cover them. They are all peaceful, I assure you! Last time we had two people with a bullhorn counter protesting, vs hundreds of us. You almost feel sorry for them.

      I really want to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral in person. The pictures are gorgeous. Unfortunately our big Cathedral (Holy Name) was wreckavated, but fortunately Cardinal George had a real Gothic ceiling installed after a 2008 fire. So there’s slow progress there.

      And hey, if you come to visit the US and are in the neighborhood, I can take you to an excellent shooting range! I hate to say it, but if it weren’t for your frightening gun laws, I’d be eager to move to Australia. Well.. there’s the Greens, and the Black Mamba, too. 🙂 I did grow up in an area with 25 different kinds of rattle snake, but at least with a rattler you have 30 min to 1 hour to get to a hospital!

  2. Just another Australian checking in. I am an Anglican, but here on our small island the difference between us and the Catholics are minimal. I take mass with them, when we don’t have a priest, and several of the Catholics do likewise when the situation (too common out here) is reversed. I think you’d be disappointed with our churches here though. But the people, ah, that’s different.

    1. My father used to go to OZ pretty regularly. He said it was his favorite place to visit on earth, and would have considered relocating if the gun laws had been different. But bar bands where the youngest participant is 87– heck yeah, I’d want to see that! 🙂 Context. They danced the whole time–on top of the piano, even–, and were wilder than a number of “youngster bands” you’d see over here today! He was fond of Smuggler’s Bay, just so ya know my father’s temperament. 😉

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