Blog View– A house in Catalonia

Here is a sense of setting: where the place is.  Hrm. Seems like the chapel suffered some attitude. Civil war, maybe?

This image by pere prlpz from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under Creative Commons license

Here’s a closeup of one of the larger out buildings.  They certainly built it to last… Weird how the grass in the front makes it look abandoned. Yet there’s an electric light rigged on the front door.  Hrm, that second building back there looks like it’s still inhabited.  It’s also possible that the angle on this door makes it look like there are weeds growing on the inside.

This image created by Isidre blanc from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under the Creative Commons License.

Here’s a closeup of the keystone at the top of that arch on the front of the building.

This image created by Isidre blanc from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under the Creative Commons License.

What interior shots we have, things don’t look inhabitable– at least by first world standards.  Yet, I see what looks like phone cable.

This image created by Isidre blanc from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under the Creative Commons License.

I think somebody needs a new roof… about 10 years ago.

This image created by  Isidre blanc  from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under the Creative Commons License.

Here’s another interior picture.

I wonder where this lake– or pond– is on the bigger picture. Is this a pediment from  the chapel? What’s left of a battery?  (I refer to a place to store munitions, not a way to charge your iPod)  EDIT: I think it’s actually an oven for baking bread. The second picture below that looks like the oven opening.

This image created by  Isidre blanc  from Wikimedia Commons; dist. under the Creative Commons License.

Here’s the oven I was talking about.

Shame we don’t have more photos of this area, to tie the site together, to give some sense of layout to this group.  My other bit of bias is I wanted some closeups of that chapel, or what that ruin was.  But I suppose I telegraph my bias.  🙂

In case you hadn’t figured it out already, I’m a fan of vetting, or various types of breaking and entering  urban exploration. Well, this isn’t exactly urban, but same idea. Ecology of Absence is a neat project for eye candy. I think they get a little pretentious, but I do understand the passion for old abandoned places, and the desire to see them renewed, rather than torn down.

Blast it! Ecology of Absence has been bought out by the Preservation Research Office.

EDIT: Oh, it appears that they didn’t get rid of anything. Whew!

One last thing on this topic, while I really enjoy old creepy photos of abandoned places, I’m not big about people breaking into old hospices for people afflicted with TB. I have a theory that one vector for it’s reemergence into society is through morons finding vessels full of lung fluid and taking them for trophies– only to discover that they are still bioactive.  BURN!

Margot’s Helpful Travel Tips


A drawing of a suitcase with the word “TRAVEL” written on it By: Producer on Wikimedia Commons, distributed with the Creative Commons License

  1. Do not wear a bustier through customs  TSA. Unless you like the attention. Do not listen to those… misguided officials who say it does not contain enough metal to set off alarms.  Really.
    Why yes, it IS the voice of experience. How could you tell? Girls, I’m just saying it was like Christmas, only St. Nicholas wore a gun belt.  We saw lots of  military green and prayed not to see red! (FYI: it was not long after 9/11, so military police were still in charge of security at airports.)
  2. Boxes sent through the mail have finite space. Use it wisely, and triple check your wardrobe options. Now we know how the Doctor gets away with being a clothes horse.
  3. Pack tape to use tape on the other end. Also packing labels and your shipping label back.  Tape served from a Klein bottle will NOT help this problem. See, occasionally our advice is useful.
  4. Pray for the poor men and women who have to haul that box around. I feel like that Victorian lady who decided to be merciful and only use one steamer trunk– only it weighed a metric ton.  Clothes are that heavy? Apparently…
  5. Wearing cosplay at the airport is a BAD idea. As amusing as it would be to waltz through security dressed like a storm trooper.
  6. Inform Amazon that there is a market for a device that chains your kindle to the reader’s wrist. Because kindle (and presumably some other ereaders) are God’s gift to indecisive, obsessed readers. So… if a thug threatens me with a knife and demands “your kindle or your life” I would have to clutch the device and say, “my kindle IS my life.”  Well, after God, and probably husband…
  7. I stand corrected. ‘Catholic’ is not a race or ethnic group.  This is important when filling out forms.
  8. Packing shoes is a nightmare. Try not to need it. If you can’t avoid it, those netted orange bags are ideal for the job. I mean, you COULD make your shoes out of tire treads and duct tape… So always pack extra duct tape. Call that 8 & 1/2.
  9. Cthulhu is my packing spirit animal. There is always something you forget, just make sure it’s not THAT important.

    See, the eldergod is even holding the lid down for me! Isn’t that nice!

    Top tip: Elder Signs on the shipping label will NOT help them arrive on time. This image was actually sketched by Lovecraft.

  10. Never ever offer to bake things, for an unknown quantity of people, when you are going to a place you’ve never been, where you will be out of state, at a hotel without a kitchen, at a time when you are pretty broke.  Especially when the recipe is almost impossible to execute without offending some allergy or other. Especially when one is already having other health problems. Especially when those health problems kiboshed any opportunity to test out your recipe. Or formulate parts of it.
  11. Do not pack the cat. Especially if you don’t know if the food is poison or not. It’s like crossing the streams.
  12. science-cat-does-experiments-on-you-for-revengeDo not give more than 10,  because no one needs more than ten tips. EVER.